Day 21 - Trade Winds Finale "21st Hour" featuring the Musicians of Trade Winds

Trade Winds Finale hits the stage of the Iridium Jazz Club in New York City featuring twenty-one new bands in one evening with  musicians from New Orleans and Puerto Rico.

In this last piece "21st hour'  we feature Dave Mullen on sax, MAX ZT on hammer dulcimer, Memo Acevedo on drums and Nelson Cabassa on bomba from Puerto Rico.

Trade Winds SaN JUAN & NEW ORLEANS Video SERieS

Day 20 - "20 Ways to Live a Dream" featuring Julito Alvarado, Efrain Martinez & Zé LUIS

Day 20 brings together Efrain Martinez on drums, Julito Alvarado on trumpet and Zé Luis on sax in the last session at the Puerto Rico Music Conservatory.

Day 19 - "Step Ahead" featuring William Kachiro Thompson, Julito Alvarado & Zé LuiS

Day 19 brings together trumpet player Julito Alvarado, conga player William Kachiro Thompson and Zé Luis at the Music Conservatory improvising over a tumbao with footage from the night before at the Nuyorican in Old San Juan.

Day 18 - "Inside Out" featuring Efrain Martinez, Zé Luis, Antonio CARABALLO & Jose DAVID PEREZ

Day 17 - "Granted Wish" fEATURING Luis Marin, Orlando Laureano, Enrique el Peru & Zé Luis

The second session at Play Bach studios features the sounds of the Quatro played by Orlando Laureano and the classical sounds of pianist Luis Marin. Joined on percussion with Enrique el Peru and Zé Luis. They call this "Granted Wish."

Day 16 - "Está Rodando" featuring Bayrex el pianolero, Danny ramirez, AGBIRARI Yamir, Nanddy LOPEX, Enrique El PERU & Zé Luis

After Day 15 and with just several days left in Puerto Rico, Matt continued scouting talent throughout San Juan to be part of the remaining 6 videos and new collaborations of the Trade Winds series. As the week started coming to a close, the biggest challenge was whether he could wrangle together all the remaining musicians, align their busy schedules, lock down various spaces to film and actually finish the project.

The clock was ticking, but with a bit of help from new friend and pianist Bayrex El Pianolero, Matt made a booking Friday afternoon at the renown Play Bach studios.  After a barage of phone calls that day from the beach to some of Puerto Rico's finest talent, Matt arranged several different sessions in one day that would capture several notable collaborations.

This first collaboration features Danny Ramirez on trumpet, Bayrex El Pianolero, Agbirari Yamir on  bomba, Nanddy Lopez on bomba, Enrique El Peru on drums and Zé on sax.

They call it "Está Rodando."

Day 15 - "Nuestro Son" featuring Alexandra Rivera, Raul Maldonado and Zé Luis

Matt invited pianist Alexandra Rivera and drummer Raul Maldonado to kick off the first official Puerto Rico Trade Winds collaboration. The session took place at a hub for music and art in the heart of Old San Juan called 'Nuestro Son.'  While taking a tip from drummer Johnny Vidacovich in New Orleans, everyone in the group had a chance to 'deal', or in other words take the lead on beginning a piece. This was the third one started by Alexandra and they call it 'Nuestro Son' or 'Our sound.'


Day 14 - "Coquí " featuring Zé Luis and the Coquis

The first music we heard upon arriving in San Juan were the coquí frogs, singing in the trees surrounding the patio of the Dream Catcher Guest House.  Zé picked up his flute and did this call and response with the magical chirping amphibians who are so small they can't even be seen. But they certainly can be heard. 

They call this 'Coqui.'


Day 13 - "Bye Bye" featuring Mario Abney, Naydja Jojoe, Steven Malinowski & Zena Moses

As the close of the New Orleans chapter approached, Matt contacted trumpet player Mario Abney to get a few recommendations of vocalists that might be available for a final session.  Mario gave about ten numbers of singers that he works with and after a bunch of last minute phone calls was able to invite and confirm with Nadja and Zena for a late night jam on St. Claude avenue at Mario's spot.

The band riffed on an improvised tune called 'Bye Bye.'

Day 12 - "Cajun Coda" featuring the musicians of "21: New Orleans"

To cap off the Trade Winds series in New Orleans, Matt showcases a who's who of the scene doing 21 brand new collaborations playing improvised compositions. The finale of the concert at Cafe Istanbul Matt invites all the players to the stage to perform one last piece featuring Zé Luis, Steve Malinowski, Joe Gelini, Robin Clabby, Eric Benny Bloom, June Yamagishi, Chris Alford, Malick Faye, Curtis Pierre, Tyrone Henry, Herman Help Hand, and Alvin Watts.

They call this the 'Cajun Coda.'

Day 11 - "Fountain of Blue" featuring Zé Luis, Jason Butler and Terrence Houston

Matt and Zé pulled together a last minute session with local piano phenom Jason Butler and George Porter's drummer Terrence Houston.  The group had less than an hour to collaborate on a improvised composition. Thanks to pianist Claude Bryant kindly offering his studio at Fountainbleau, they were able to make it happen.

They call this "Fountain of Blue."

Day 10 - "4 of a Kind" featuring Ike Stubblefield, Johnny Vidacovich & Zé Luis

Matt and Zé attended George Porter, Jr.'s weekly show with "The Trio" and were blown away by legendary New Orleans drummer Johnny Vidacovich. Zé sat in on the session while Matt met another legend in the audience; Ike Stubblefield.  A pianist since 3-years-old, Ike has played with Quincy Jones, Phil Spector,  George Benson, B.B. King, Tina Turner, Curtis Mayfield, Al Green, Eric Clapton and many more.

Johnny suggested the each of the 4 "deal" and this improvised tune was started by saxophonist Zé Luis.  By the end of the session, they had let go of any poker faces and all played a winning hand.

Day 9 - "Zero Separation" featuring Kirk Joseph & Terrence Houston

Kirk Joseph, a founding member of the Dirty Dozen Brass band, & Terrence Houston on drums from George Porter's group join Matt at Chickie Wah Wah for a unique electric bass & Tuba session.  They call this 'Zero Separation'.

Day 8 - "Lost and Found" featuring Chris Christy and Zé Luis

While exploring the New Orleans late night music street scene, Matt and Zé stumbled across a dobro player playing on Decatur street.  The expansive metallic sounds immediately caught their ears stopping them in their tracks.  The player they 'found' — Chris Christy.  A connection was made and an invitation to be part of 21 was extended.

After a couple failed attempts at setting a session up and a few near misses, Matt was fairly certain conflicting schedules would make the collaboration a 'lost' opportunity.  

Luckily Chris, Zé & Matt were finally able to cross paths and sit down for a few minutes at Café Istanbul and play.

They call this ‘Lost and Found’.

Day 7 - "Just Play" featuring Mario Abney, Zé Luis, Gene Harding and friends

Drummer Gene Harding was one of the first musicians to move back to New Orleans after Katrina to help revitalize the music scene. Leading sessions at Cafe Negril, musicians would be able to reconnect with each other and know who was back in town and available to work.  Gene has kept those sessions up and also has daily sessions at his place with a who's who of the New Orleans music scene.  Usually the sessions start around 9am with breaks for video games and snacks. We were fortunate to be joined on this day by Mario Abney on trumpet, Gene on drums, Zé Luis on sax, Jeremy Thomas on trumpet and friends.


Day 6 - "Tell It To Me" featuring Victoria Coy & The Hi Ho Pickers

It's 11pm and we are home for the night after a long day of sessions. Matt hears a mandolin next door and suddenly picks up his upright bass and walks over.  On the porch, a few folks are singing bluegrass and smoking cigarettes.  Matt is soon invited inside where a jam with 9 musicians is warming the center room with melody and body heat.


Day 5 - "Among Giants" with Mario Abney, Eric Benny Bloom, Chris Alford, Joe Gelini & Matt

For Day 5 we feature one of the highlights of our concert at Cafe Istanbul where we created over 21 brand new collaborations live with the same rules of every 21 session. Musicians get together, don't talk about the music and just play.  In this group, we put together two soulful virtuosos on trumpet Mario Abner & Eric Benny Bloom. Chris Alford joins on guitar and Joe Gelini on the beat. We call this one 'Among Giants.'

Day 4 - "The Three Tenors" featuring Zé Luis, Phil Morin, Dave  "Mahoney" Mullen, Mark Welicky & Matt

Can three virtuoso tenor saxophone players from disparate backgrounds come together and improvise a new sound?  Zé Luis, originally from Brazil, is touring with the 21 crew and is joined in this session by Phil Morin and Dave "Mahoney" Mullen.  Mark Welicky is on guitar and Matt holding down the bass.  

This is the first time these musicians have played together and in the tradition of 21, they don't talk about the music, they just play.

Day 3 - 'Tremé Carnaval' featuring Curtis Pierre, Casa  Samba & Matt

Matt joins an Afro Brazilian percussion and dance session led by percussion master Curtis Pierre, the “Samba Man” of New Orleans.  Curtis founded and directs  ‘Casa Samba’, the first School of Samba in the Louisiana and the Southern Region. Through performances and workshops throughout the year, Casa Samba educates the New Orleans community and the Gulf South region of the rich cultural traditions of Brasil and the similarities which bridge Carnival in Brasil with Mardi Gras in New Orleans, emphasizing that importance of their African tradition and influences.  Mayor Sidney Bartholomew proclaimed Casa Samba as the first samba school in New Orleans, one the premier cities of Carnival in the world.

Being a native of New Orleans and knowing the problems that kids face today, Curtis Pierre has adopted the same philosophy of the samba schools in Brasil in taking a social responsibility for safeguarding our children and providing them with creative and challenging opportunities and experiences other than what is found in the streets.  Learn more about the work of Casa Samba.


Day 2 - 'SpyBoy' featuring the Cha Wa Band & Matt

Staying with the concept of just showing up and improvising, Matt and the Cha Wa Band, led by legendary Mardi Gras Indian Irving “Honey” Banister, played this "on the fly".  

Cha Wa's sound is rooted in traditional New Orleans Mardi Gras Indian music mixed with funk and soul.  Matt joins in with New Orleans music veteran Joe Gelini on drum set, Steve Malinowski on organ and Kerry “Boom Boom” Vessell on bass drum.

Shrouded in mystery and folklore, the Mardi Gras Indian tradition dates back to the 1800s from a history of African slaves fleeing to the bayous of Louisiana where they were aided by Native American Indians.

Carrying on a tradition that grew out of the cultural melting pot that is New Orleans, each Indian designs and creates his own suit; elaborate bead patches depict meaningful and symbolic scenes ornamented with beads, feathers, and sequins.

Catch our live New Orleans show Nov 9th at Cafe Istanbul:

Day 1 - 'Add A Couple Drinks to That' featuring
Derrick Tabb from Rebirth Brass Band & Matt

"Add A Few Drinks To That" with The Matt Geraghty Project Within a couple hours of arriving, Matt meets up with the master of the New Orleans street beat, Derrick Tabb, of the Grammy award winning Rebirth Brass Band.